Part Number PXAS30KFBE
Manufacturer NXP
Title XA 16-bit microcontroller 32 K/1 K OTP/ROM/ROMless/ 8-channel 8-bit A/D/ low voltage 2.7 V.5.5 V/ I2C/ 2 UARTs/ 16 MB address range
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Features ...

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PXAS30KFBE : The XA-S3 device is a member of Philips Semiconductors’ XA (eXtended Architecture) family of high performance 16-bit single-chip microcontrollers. The XA-S3 device combines many powerful peripherals on one chip. With its high performance A/D converter, timers/counters, watchdog, Programmable Counter Array (PCA), I2C interface, dual UARTs, and multiple general purpose I/O ports, it is suited for general multipurpose high performance embedded control functions. • Three standard counter/timers with enhanced features. All timers have a toggle output capability. • Watchdog timer. • 5-channel 16-bit Programmable Counter Array (PCA). • I2C-bus serial I/O port with byte-oriented master and slave f.

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