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Part Number IL34118
Manufacturer ETC
Title Voice Switched Speakerphone Circuit
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IL34018 : The IL34018 speaker-phone integrated circuit incorporates the necessary functions to produce a high quality hands-free speaker-phone system. The applications include household and office speaker-phones, intercom systems, hand free kit for mobile phones, and others IL34018 FEATURES • All necessary level detection and attenuation controls for a hand-free telephone included. • Background noise level monitoring with long time constant. • Background sound level compensation for transmit and receive levels as well as the background level. • Wide operating dynamic range through signal compression. • On-chip voltage regulators illuminate external regulators for lining operation. • Power audio ampl.

IL34063A : TECHNICAL DATA DC-TO-DC CONVERTER CONTROL CIRCUITS IL34063A The IL34063A is a monolithic control circuit containing the primary functions required for DC-to-DC converters. These devices consist of an internal temperature compensated reference, comparator, controlled duty cycle oscillator with an active current limit circuit, driver and high current output switch. This series was specifically designed to be incorporated in Step-Down and Step-Up and Voltage-Inverting applications with a minimum number of external components. FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM • • • • • • • Operation from 3.0 V to 40 V Input Low Standby Current Current Limiting Output Switch Current to 1.5 A Output Voltage A.

IL34118 : INTRODUCTION The fundamental difference between the operation of a speakerphone and a handset is that of half-duplex versus full-duplex. The handset is full duplex since conversation can occur in both directions (transmit and receive) simultaneously. A speakerphone has higher gain levels in both paths, and attempting to converse full duplex results in oscillatory problems due to the loop that exists within the system. The loop is formed by the receive and transmit paths, the hybrid, and the acoustic coupling (speaker to microphone). The only practical and economical solution used to data is to design the speakerphone to function in a half duplex mode - i.e., only one person speaks at a time,.

IL34119 : Pin 1 2 3 Symbol CD FC2 FC1 Description Chip Disable - Digital input. A Logic “0” (0.8 V) sets normal operation. A Logic “1” (≥2.0 V) sets the power down mode. Input impedance is nominally 90 KΩ. A capacitor at this pin increases power supply rejection, and affects turn-on time. This pin can be left open if the capacitor at FC1 is sufficient. Analog Ground for the amplifiers. A 1.0 µF capacitor at this pin (with a 5.0 µF capacitor at Pin 2) provides 52 dB of power supply rejection. Turn-on time of the circuit is affected by the capacitor on this pin. This pin can be used as an alternate input. Amplifier input. The input capacitor and resistor set low frequency rolloff and input impedance. T.

IL34262 : Power Factor Controllers There are active power factor controllers specifically designed for use as a preconverter in electronic ballast and in off-line power converter applications. These integrated circuits feature an internal startup timer for stand-alone applications, a one quadrant multiplier for near unity power factor, zero current detector to ensure critical conduction operation, transconductance error amplifier, quick start circuit for enhanced startup, trimmed internal bandgap reference, current sensing comparator, and a totem pole output ideally suited for driving a power MOSFET. Also included are protective features consisting of an overvoltage comparator to eliminate runaway out.

IL34262N : IL34262N КОНТРОЛЛЕР КОЭФФИЦИЕНТА МОЩНОСТИ. (аналог MC34262, ф. Motorola) Микросхема IL34262N является контроллером коэффициента активной мощности, которая специально спроектирована для использования в качестве первичного преобразователя в системах электронного балласта и в схемах автономных преобразователей мощности. Особенностью данной интегральной микросхемы является наличае внутреннего таймера запуска для автономных схем применения, одного квадрантного умножителя для получения коэффициента мощности близкого к единице, детектора нулевого ток.

IL3480 : 100mA, Quasi e Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator w 1.2V guaranteed maximum dropout over full load and temperature ranges ● ● ● ● a t a D Features: . w 3.3, 5V versions available w 30V maximum input for operation Application: Sh e U 4 t m o .c TECHNICAL DATA IL3480 TO - 92 100 mA guaranteed minimum load current Tiny alternative to 78LXX series and similar devices Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator ● Post regulator for switching DC/DC converter ● Bias supply for analog circuits ● ● Typical Application Circuit IL3480-3.3 Absolute Maximum Ratings Input Voltage Junction Temperature 35V +150°C w w w t a .D S a e h U 4 t e .c m o 1. Ground 2. Output 3. Input w w w .D a S a t e.

IL34C86 : IL34C86 Differential line receiver. . Microcircuit IL34C86 consists of four differential line receivers and is a microcircuit that meets international standards of data transmission RS-422, RS-423, and it is widely used in data transmission nets, particularly in a unit for local loop of ATS. Functions implemented This device carries out comparing inputs with low differential signal of 200mV and gives on output full signal with load carrying capacity of ±6mÀ, and also has hysteresis to improve noise margin. Designation Of microcircuit in package IL34C86N Plastic DIP IL34C86D SOIC TA from minus 40 to plus 85 °C for all packages Truth table Enable input output LX Z H VID≥VTH (max) H VI.

IL34C87 : The IL34C87T is a quad differential line driver designed for digital data transmission over balanced lines. The IL34C87T meets all the requirements of EIA standard RS-422 while retaining the low power characteristics of CMOS. This enables the construction of serial and terminal interfaces while maintaining minimal power consumption. The IL34C87T accepts TTL or CMOS input levels and translates these to RS-422 output levels. This part uses special output circuitry that enables the individual drivers to power down without loading down the bus. This device has separate enable circuitry for each pair of the four drivers. All inputs are protected against damage due to electrostatic discharge by di.

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