Part Number VWM350-0075P
Manufacturer IXYS Corporation
Title Three phase full bridge
Description VWM 350-0075P Three phase full bridge with Trench MOSFETs Preliminary data L+ VDSS = 75 V RDSon = 2.3 mΩ ID25 = 340 A T1 G1 S1 G3 S3 T2 G5 S5 ...
• MOSFETs in trench technology: - low RDSon - optimized intrinsic reverse diode
• package: - high level of integration - solder terminals for PCB mounting - isolated DCB ceramic base plate with optimized heat transfer Symbol Conditions Characteristic Values (TVJ = 25°C, unless otherwise specified...

File Size 73.85KB
Datasheet VWM350-0075P PDF File

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