Part Number PDSP16256B0
Manufacturer Mitel Networks Corporation
Title Programmable FIR Filter
Description The PDSP16256 contains sixteen multiplier accumulators, which can be multi cycled to provide from 16 to 128 stages of digital filtering. Input dat...
Features q q q Ordering Information Commercial (0°C to 170°C) PDSP16256A/C0/AC 25MHz, PGA package Industrial (240°C to 185°C) PDSP16256 B0/AC 20MHz, PGA package PDSP16256 B0/GC 20MHz, QFP package Military (255°C to 1125°C) PDSP16256 MC/AC1R 20MHz, MIL-STD-883* (latest revision), PGA package PDSP16256 MC/GC1...

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