Part Number PG001M
Manufacturer Allegro MicroSystems
Description AND OPERATION The PG001M is a CMOS step-motor control IC that converts parallel-input signals from a microprocessor (µP, or microcontroller, µC) t...
Features s Intended For Use With SLA7042M or SLA7044M Microstepping, Unipolar PWM, High-Current Motor Drivers s Supports Five Stepper-Motor Operating Modes s µP-Compatible Inputs Always order by complete part number, PG001M . ™ PG001M PARALLEL-TO-SERIAL DATA CONVERTER FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM CONTROL SUPP...

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PG001M : PG001M Serial Signal Generator IC for SLA7042M and SLA7044M sAbsolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Supply voltage Input voltage Input current Output voltage Output current Power dissipation Operating temperature Storage temperature Symbol VDD VI II VO IO PD T OP Tstg Ratings −0.5 to 7 −0.5 to VDD+0.5 ±10 −0.5 to VDD+0.5 ±15 200 −20 to +85 −40 to +150 (Ta=25 °C) Units V V mA V mA mW °C °C sElectrical Characteristics Parameter Supply voltage Supply current Output voltage Input current Input voltage Input hysteresis voltage Input capacity Internal oscillation frequency Propagation delay time Symbol V DD IDD VOH VOL II VIH VIL VH CI F T CS TCC Tr Tf V CIH VCIL tsR tpsR tsS tps (Ta=25 °C) Conditi.

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