MN662741RH Datasheet PDF

Part Number MN662741RH
Manufacturer Panasonic
Title Signal Processing LSI
Description For Audio Equipment MN662741RH Signal Processing LSI for CD Players Overview The MN662741RH is a CD signal processing LSI that, on a single chip,...
Features (Optics servo) Focus, tracking, and traverse servos Automatic adjustment functions for FO/TR gain, FO/TR offset, and FO/TR balance Built-in D/A converter for drive voltage output Built-in dropout countermeasures Anti-shock functions Built-in track cross counter Support for both linear motor and scre...

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MN662741RH MN662741RH MN662741RH

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MN662740RE : For Audio Equipment MN662740RE Signal Processing LSI for CD Players Overview The MN662740RE is a CD signal processing LSI that, on a single chip, combines an optics servo for the CD player (focus, tracking, and traverse servos), digital signal processing (EFM demodulation and error correction), digital servo processing for the spindle motor, digital filter, and D/A converter, so thus covers all signal processing functions from the head's RF amplifier onward. (Spindle motor servo) CLV digital servo (Audio circuits) Digital filter using 8-fold oversampling Built-in D/A converter (1-bit D/A converter) Built-in differential operational amplifier (2nd order low pass filter) (Other) Built-in play.

MN662747RPH : Pin No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Symbol BCLK LRCK SRDATA DV DD1 DVSS1 TX MCLK MDATA MLD SENSE FLOCK or DIRBK I/O O O O I I O I I I O O For Audio Equipment Function Description SRDATA bit clock output. Left/right channel discrimination signal output. Serial data output. Power supply for digital circuits. Ground for digital circuits. Digital audio interface output signal. Microcomputer command clock input. (Data is latched at rising edge.) Microcomputer command data input. Microcomputer command load signal input. "L" level: load. Sense signal output. (OFT, FESL, NACEND, NAJEND, SFG, and NWTEND) During default operation, focus servo convergence signal. "L" level: convergence. During command e.

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