Part Number MB4207
Manufacturer Fujitsu
Title Frequency to Voltage Converter
Description w w a D . w S a t e e h U 4 t m o .c w w .D w t a S a e h U 4 t e .c m o w w w .D a t a e h S 4 t e U m o .c ...
Features ...

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MB4204 : FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR DATA SHEET DS04-12104-2E LINEAR IC QUAD COMPARATOR MB4204 LOW POWER QUAD COMPARATOR The Fujitsu MB4204 is a Quad Comparator which consists of four independent channels. The MB4204 is designed to operate form either a single power or dual power supplies over a wide range of voltages. The input characteristics is equivalent of current industry standard comparator. Even though operated from a single power supply, the MB4204 is suitably designed to compare multiple signals in parallel and to be operated with battery because its input common mode voltage range includes ground potential and it requires low power supply current. The MB4204 can be high d.

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MB4206 : FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR DATA SHEET DS04-13400-2E LINEAR IC FREQUENCY-TO-VOLTAGE CONVERTER MB4206 FREQUENCY-TO-VOLTAGE CONVERTER WITH SINGLE POWER SUPPLY COMPARATOR The Fujitsu MB4206 is a frequency-to-voltage converter with an on-chip comparator. The MB4206 uses a charge pump driven by a positive-edge Schmitt trigger/flip-flop input so stable operation is achieved against noise signal input. The output of the comparator is zener-clamped to a reference voltage; thus, a precise hysteresis output is obtained. The overall design makes the circuit fairly tolerant of imperfections in the input waveform. • Conversion coefficient determined by RC pair: VO(F) = FIN • RT • CT • .

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