Part Number MAX3442E
Manufacturer Maxim
Title 15kV ESD-Protected / 60V Fault-Protected / 10Mbps / Fail-Safe RS-485/J1708 Transceivers
Description The MAX3440E–MAX3444E fault-protected RS-485 and J1708 transceivers feature ±60V protection from signal faults on communication bus lines. Each de...

● ±15kV ESD Protection

● ±60V Fault Protection

● Guaranteed 10Mbps Data Rate (MAX3441E/MAX3443E)

● Hot Swappable for Telecom Applications

● True Fail-Safe Receiver Inputs

● Enhanced Slew-Rate-Limiting Facilitates Error-Free Data Transmission (MAX3440E/MAX3442E/MAX3444E)

● Allow Up to 128 Tran...

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Datasheet MAX3442E PDF File

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