Part Number LT5502
Manufacturer Linear Technology
Title 400MHz Quadrature IF Demodulator with RSSI
Description Final Electrical Specifications LT5502 400MHz Quadrature IF Demodulator with RSSI January 2001 FEATURES s s s s s s s s s s s DESCRIPTIO Singl...
Features s s s s s s s s s s s DESCRIPTIO Single 1.8V to 5.25V Supply IF Frequency Range: 70MHz to 400MHz 84dB Limiting IF Gain 90dB Linear RSSI Range 7.7MHz Lowpass Output Filter Baseband I/Q Amplitude Imbalance: 0.7dB 4dB Noise Figure Low Supply Current: 25mA Outputs Biased Up While in Standby Shutdown ...

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LT5504 : UW TYPICAL PERFOR A CE CHARACTERISTICS Output Voltage vs RF Input Power and Frequency 2.4 fIF = 240MHz 2.0 Supply Current vs Supply Voltage and Temperature 20 18 TA = 85°C VOUT (V) SUPPLY CURRENT (mA) 1.6 fRF = 900MHz fRF = 1.9GHz 1.2 0.8 fRF = 2.5GHz 16 14 12 TA = 25°C TA = –40°C 0.4 10 0 –80 –70 –60 –50 –40 –30 –20 –10 0 10 PIN (dBm) 5504 G01 8 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0 5.5 SUPPLY VOLTAGE (V) 5504 G02 Power Up Response Time VCC = 3V RF INPUT POWER = 0dBm VOUT 1V/DIV ENABLE 1V/DIV ON 2µs/DIV OFF 5504 G03 5504f 3 LT5504 UW VOUT (V) VOUT (V) SLOPE VARIATION (dB) TYPICAL PERFOR A CE CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = 3V unless otherwise noted). Output Slope Variation vs RF Input Po.

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