Part Number T-51381L064J_FW_P_AA
Manufacturer OPTREX
Description Horizontal Sync. Input / Output Video Polarity Alternating Signal Composite Sync. Signal Supply Voltage for Gate Driver (Hi level) Supply Voltage ...
Features ...... 2 3. Mechanical specifications ......

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Datasheet T-51381L064J_FW_P_AA PDF File

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T-51381L064J_FW_P_AC : Pin No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Symbol +5V COL BRT CNT VIDEO GNDS GNDP GNDP +12V +12V I/O O 5V output I I I I I I I I I COLOR Remark Note 5-1 Note 5-1 Note 5-1 BRIGHTNESS CONTRAST COMPOSITE VIDEO SIGNAL VIDEO GROUND 12V POWER GROUND 12V POWER GROUND +12V DC POWER INPUT +12V DC POWER INPUT Note 5-1 : You can use pin1 (+5V) and variable resistor (VR) to adjust color, brightness and contrast. 5-2) Backlight driving Pin No 1 2 Symbol VL1 VL2 Description Input terminal (Hi voltage side) Input terminal (Low voltage side) Remark Note 5-2 Note 5-2:Low voltage side of backlight inverter connects with Ground of inverter circuits. 5-3) Input / Output Connector A) Video & Power Input Connector ELCO .

T-51381L064J_FW_P_AD : High Level for Module High Level for Module Ground for +12V Ground for +12V Supply Voltage for Customers Supply Voltage for Customers Supply Voltage for Logic Circuit Switching Power Enable Ground Composite Video Signal Input Contrast Control Pin Brightness Control Pin Color Control Pin Correct the Output Amplitude of Color in PAL Mode Horizontal Sync. Output Vertical Sync. Output Digital R(Red) Digital G(Green) NTSC Select Pin Composite or RGB Selection Pin Backlight Brightness Control Pin Right/Left Select Pin Note 5-3 Note 5-5 Note 5-5 Note 5-4 Remark Note 5-1 Note 5-1 Note 5-1 Note 5-1 Note 5-2 Note 5-1: The range of parameter adjustment: Pin No 10 11 12 13 Symbol VIN CNT BRI COL Min..

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