Part Number T-51410D104_FW_P_AB
Manufacturer OPTREX
Description Remark 1 LV Ground White 2 HV Lamp power input Pink (or Gray) 3 HV Lamp power input Pink (or Gray) Graphic Controller Circuit IN0IN0+ IN1IN1+ IN...
Features .... 2 Mechanical Specifications ....

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T-51410D104-FW-P-AG : OPTREX LCD Module Technical Specification T-51410D104-FW-P-AG First Edition Mar. 28, 2002 Final Revision ****** Checked by (Quality Assurance Div.) ***The part number and specification are still tentativeC.hecked by (Design Engineering Div.) Prepared by (Production Div.) Table of Contents 1. Applications . 2 2. Features ..... 2 3. Mechanical Specifications....

T-51410D104_FW_P_AA : Remark 1 VL1 Input Voltage(High) 2 VL2 Input Voltage(Low) Graphic Controller Circuit IN0IN0+ IN1IN1+ IN2IN2+ RxOUT0~RxOUT5 LVDS to TTL parallel PLL DS90C*363 Customer system side T-51410D104-FW-P-AA TTL parallel to LVDS LCD Internal Circuit RxOUT6~RxOUT11 RxOUT12~RxOUT17 RxOUT18 RxOUT19 RxOUT20 CLKCLK+ PLL CLK OUT DS90CF364 V26L8060AA module side OPTREX CORPORATION Page-5/16 6.Absolute Maximum Ratings: Parameters Supply Voltage Input Signals Voltage Backlight Driving Voltage Backlight Driving Frequency Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Symbol VDD VIN VL FL TST TOP MIN. -0.3 -0.3 0 -20 0 MAX. +4.0 VDD+0.3 2000 100 +60 +50 GND=0V, Ta=25• Unit Remark V V Note 6-1 V KHz.

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