Part Number SI4442DY
Manufacturer Vishay Intertechnology
Title N-Channel 30-V MOSFET
Description Si4442DY Vishay Siliconix N-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFET PRODUCT SUMMARY VDS (V) 30 rDS(on) (W) 0.0045 @ VGS = 10 V 0.005 @ V...
Features a Maximum Junction-to-Foot (Drain) a. Surface Mounted on 1” x 1” FR4 Board. Document Number: 71358 S-40843—Rev. C, 03-May-04 Notes t v 10 sec Steady State Steady State Symbol RthJA RthJF Typical 29 67 13 Maximum 35 80 16 Unit _C/W 1 DataSheet 4 U...

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Si4442DY : The LM2727 and LM2737 are high-speed, synchronous, switching regulator controllers. They are intended to control currents of 0.7A to 20A with up to 95% conversion efficiencies. The LM2727 employs output over-voltage and undervoltage latch-off. For applications where latch-off is not desired, the LM2737 can be used. Power up and down sequencing is achieved with the power-good flag, adjustable soft-start and output enable features. The LM2737 and LM2737 operate from a low-current 5V bias and can convert from a 2.2V to 16V power rail. Both parts utilize a fixedfrequency, voltage-mode, PWM control architecture and the switching frequency is adjustable from 50kHz to 2MHz by adjusting the value of.

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