UDT555 Datasheet PDF

Part Number UDT555
Manufacturer UDT Sensors
Title (UDTxxx) Hybrid Photodetector / AMplifier Combinations
Description DataShee DataSheet 4 U .com DataShee Dat...
Features ...

File Size 1.19MB
Datasheet UDT555 PDF File

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UDT555 : Photops™ Photodiode-Amplifier Hybrids The Photop™ Series, combines a photodiode with an operational amplifier in the same package. Photops™ general-purpose detectors have a spectral range from either 350 nm to 1100 nm or 200 nm to 1100nm. They have an integrated package ensuring low noise output under a variety of operating conditions. These op-amps are specifically selected by UDT Sensors engineers for compatibility to our photodiodes. Among many of these specific parameters are low noise, low drift and capability of supporting a variety of gains and bandwidths determined by the external feedback components. Operation from DC level to several MHz is possible in an eith.

UDT555 : DataShee DataSheet 4 U .com DataShee DataSheet 4 U .com DataShee DataSheet 4 U .com DataShee DataSheet 4 U .com DataSheet 4 U .com .

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