Part Number M53233200CE0
Manufacturer Samsung Semiconductor
Title (M53233200CE0/CJ0-C) DRAM Module
Description The Samsung M53233200CE0/CJ0-C is a 32Mx32bits Dynamic RAM high density memory module. The Samsung M53233200CE0/CJ0-C consists of sixteen CMOS 16M...
• Part Identification - M53233200CE0-C(4K cycles/64ms Ref, SOJ, Solder) - M53233200CJ0-C(4K cycles/64ms Ref, SOJ, Gold)
• Extended Data Out Mode Operation
• CAS-before-RAS & Hidden Refresh capability
• RAS-only refresh capability
• TTL compatible inputs and outputs
• Single +5V±10% power supply
• JE...

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