Part Number IRHN7450
Manufacturer International Rectifier
Description PD - 90819A REPETITIVE AVALANCHE AND dv/dt RATED HEXFET® TRANSISTOR 500Volt, 0.45Ω , MEGA RAD HARD HEXFET International Rec...
Features n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Radiation Hardened up to 1 x 106 Rads (Si) Single Event Burnout (SEB) Hardened Single Event Gate Rupture (SEGR) Hardened Gamma Dot (Flash X-Ray) Hardened Neutron Tolerant Identical Pre- and Post-Electrical Test Conditions Repetitive Avalanche Rating Dynamic dv/dt Rati...

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IRHN7450SE : Previous Datasheet Index Next Data Sheet Provisional Data Sheet No. PD-9.1313A REPETITIVE AVALANCHE AND dv/dt RATED HEXFET® TRANSISTOR IRHN7450SE N-CHANNEL SINGLE EVENT EFFECT (SEE) RAD HARD 500 Volt, 0.51Ω , (SEE) RAD HARD HEXFET International Rectifier’s (SEE) RAD HARD technology HEXFETs demonstrate virtual immunity to SEE failure. Additionally, under identical pre- and post-radiation test conditions, International Rectifier’s RAD HARD HEXFETs retain identical electrical specifications up to 1 x 105 Rads (Si) total dose. No compensation in gate drive circuitry is required. These devices are also capable of surviving transient ionization pulses as high as 1 x 1012.

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