Part Number D10040200GT
Manufacturer PDI
Title Product Specification
Description Hybrid Power Doubler amplifier module employing GaAs die GaAs Power Doubler Hybrid 40 – 1000MHz 20.0dB min. Gain @ 1GHz 375mA max. @ 24VDC LIMITI...

• Excellent linearity Superior return loss performance Extremely low distortion Optimal reliability Low noise Unconditionally stable under all terminations D10040200GT APPLICATION 40 to 1000 MHz CATV amplifier systems DESCRIPTION Hybrid Power Doubler amplifier module employing GaA...

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D10040200GTH : • Hybrid Power Doubler amplifier module with high output capability employing GaAs dice LIMITING VALUES In accordance with the Absolute Maximum Rating System (IEC 60134) SYMBOL Vi Vov Tstg Tmb PARAMETER RF input voltage (single tone) DC supply over-voltage (5 minutes) storage temperature operating mounting base temperature MIN. - 40 - 30 MAX. 75 30 + 100 + 100 UNIT dBmV V °C °C CHARACTERISTICS Table 1: S-Parameter, Noise Figure, DC Current; VB = 24V; Tmb = 30°C; ZS = ZL = 75 Ω SYMBOL Gp SL FL S11 PARAMETER power gain slope 1) flatness of frequency response input return loss CONDITIONS f = 50 MHz f = 1000 MHz f = 40 to 1000 MHz f = 40 to 1000 MHz (Peak to Valley) MIN. 19.5 20.0 1.0.

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