ADG3123 Datasheet PDF

Part Number ADG3123
Manufacturer Analog Devices
Title 8-Channel CMOS Logic to High Voltage Level Translator
Description The ADG3123 is an 8-channel, noninverting CMOS to high voltage level translator. Fabricated on an enhanced LC2MOS process, the device is capable o...
Features 2.3 V to 5.5 V input voltage range Output voltage levels (VDDA and VDDB to VSS ≤ 35 V) Low output voltage levels: down to −24.2 V High output voltage levels: up to +35 V Rise/fall time: 12 ns/19.5 ns typical Propagation delay: 80 ns typical Operating frequency: 100 kHz typical Ultralow quiescent cur...

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Datasheet ADG3123 PDF File

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