IQEXO-3 Datasheet PDF

Part Number IQEXO-3
Manufacturer ETC
Title Crystal oscillator module
Description IQEXO-3 ISSUE 5; 1 1 OCTOBER 2004 Delivery Options s Marking s Model number Frequency Common frequencies are available fro...
Features 0.6 0 to 15 s s 1 2 3 12.8 4 Handling & Operational Precautions s Observe anti-static handling precautions A decoupling capacitor of 0.01µF should be connected between Pin 8 and Ground Frequency Programming Input Select Pin 7 C L L L L H H H H Pin 6 B L L H H L L H H Pin 5 A L H L H L H L H ...

File Size 57.24KB
Datasheet IQEXO-3 PDF File

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