Part Number U840A
Manufacturer ETC
Description Architectural & Washroom R Accessories JOB #: INC. U840A TOILET TISSUE DISPENSER Item: QTY: Janitorial Washroom Accesso...
Features one-piece molded high impact black ABS material. Recommend: Type CP801,CP802, CP807, CP808 or CP809 toilet tissue. Overall Size: 6”W x 12”H x 6 3/4”D 152mm x 305mm x 171mm Capacity: 2 Standard size rolls up to 5 3/4” diameter. *Sheet capacity may vary from roll to roll depending on the manufacturer...

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U840B : The circuits U840B (DIP8) and U840B-FP (SO8) are designed as interval wipe/ wash timer for automotive applications. The interval pause t3 can be set in a range from 0.8 s to 22 s by an external 30 kW potentiometer. All other time periods are determined by the basic frequency f0 of the oscillator. The wipe/ wash (WIWA) mode has priority over the interval mode. The program Pin PP controls, whether the wiper immediatly starts to wipe, or with a delay time t4 of 0.8 s. The inputs CP and INT are digital debounced, the turn-on as well as the turn-off. The integrated relay driver is protected against short circuits and is switched to conductive condition in the case of a load-dump. The circuit is p.

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