Part Number 74C912
Manufacturer National Semiconductor
Title MM74C912
Description ...
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74C910 : The MM54C910 MM74C910 is a 64 word by 4-bit random access memory Inputs consist of six address lines four data input lines a WE and a ME line The six address lines are internally decoded to select one of the 64 word locations An internal address register latches the address information on the positive to negative transition of ME The TRI-STATE outputs allow for easy memory expansion Address Operation Address inputs must be stable (tSA) prior to the positive to negative transition of ME and (tHA) after the positive to negative transition of ME The address register holds the information and stable address inputs are not needed at any other time Write Operation Data is written into memory at th.

74C911 : The MM74C911 display controller is an interface element with memory that drives a 4-digit, 8-segment LED display. The MM74C911 allows individual control of any segment in the 4-digit display. The number of segments per digit can be expanded without any external components. For example, two MM74C911’s can be cascaded to drive a 16-segment alpha-numeric display. The display controllers receive data information through 8 data lines a, bDP, and digit information through 2 address inputs K1 and K2. The input data is written into the register selected by the address information when CHIP ENABLE, CE, and WRITE ENABLE, WE, are LOW and is latched when either CE or WE return HIGH. Data hold time is n.

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