D78C14G Datasheet PDF

Part Number D78C14G
Manufacturer NEC
Title UPD78C14G
Description Method .....14 Instruction Code Description ...
Features High reliability as compared with µPD78C14 159 instructions: 87AD instruction set Multiply and divide instructions, 16-bit arithmetic operation instructions Instruction cycle: 0.8 µs at 15 MHz Internal ROM: 16384 W x 8 Internal RAM: 256 W x 8 Direct addressing to an external memory (ROM/RAM) up to 6...

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Datasheet D78C14G PDF File

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D78C10A : The µPD78C11A is a CMOS 8-bit microprocessor which can integrate 16-bit ALU, ROM, RAM, an A/D converter, a multi-function timer/event counter, and a general-purpose serial interface into a single chip, then expand the memory (ROM/RAM) up to 60K bytes externally. The µPD78C10A is a ROM-less product of the µPD78C11A, and can directly address the external memory up to 64k bytes. The µPD78C12A is a product which has more built-in ROM capacity than the µPD78C11A, and its memory (ROM/RAM) can be externally extended up to 56K bytes. The µPD78C10A, µPD78C11A, and µPD78C12A operated at low power consumption, because they have a CMOS construction. Also, they can hold data with low power consumption b.

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D78C14L : Method .....14 Instruction Code Description ..16 Instruction Execution Time17 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. LIST OF MODE REGISTERS .29 ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS 30 CHARACTERISTIC CURVES (reference value) ......

D78CF : Fixed Inductors for Surface Mounting D78C Inductance Range: 1.5~330µH DIMENSIONS 7.6Max. 2.0 8.1Max. 6.0 3.3 Recommended patterns 6.8 2.4 5.1 5.4 4.4 8.4 (Unit: mm) FEATURES • • • • • 7.6mm Max. square, and 8.1mm Max. height. Magnetically shielded construction. Suitable for large current. Ideal for a variety of DC-DC converter inductor applications. RoHS compliant. • • • • • (Unit: mm) SELECTION GUIDE FOR STANDARD COILS TYPE D78C (Quantity/reel; 500 PCS) TOKO Part Number #648CY-1R5M #648CY-2R2M #648CY-3R3M #648CY-4R7M #648CY-6R8M #648CY-100M #648CY-120M #648CY-150M #648CY-180M #648CY-220M #648CY-270M #648CY-330M #648CY-390M #648CY-470M #648CY-560M #648CY-680M .

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D78CP18 : The µPD78CP18(A) is a version of the µPD78C18(A) in which the internal mask ROM is replaced by one-time PROM. The one-time PROM version can be programmed once only by users, and is ideally suited for small-scall of many differnt products, and rapid development and time-to-market of a new product. The detailed functions are descrived in the following user's manual. Read this manual before starting design work. 87AD series µPD78C18 user's manual: IEU-1314 FEATURES • High reliability compared to the µPD78CP18 • Compatible with the µPD78C11A(A), 78C12A(A), 78C14(A), 78C18(A) • Internal PROM: 32768 W × 8 • Internal PROM capacity can be changed by software to conform to the µPD78C11A(A), 78C12A(A.

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