Part Number LO494TYL4-B0G-A2
Manufacturer Cree
Title 4-mm Oval LED
Description 2006-04-07 Cancel VF bin. FCN20060099 Data is subject to change without prior notice; please refer to COTCO Website for the latest version. Copy...
Features 000 Data Sheet: CL Subject to change without notice.  Standard Bins for LO494TYL4-B0G-A2 (IF = 20 mA) Lamps are sorted to luminous intensity (IV) and dominant wavelength ( D ) bins shown. Orders for LO494TYL4-B0G-A2 may be filled with any or all bins contained as below. A...

File Size 398.74KB
Datasheet LO494TYL4-B0G-A2 PDF File

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