Part Number RCH-110
Manufacturer Sumida Corporation
Title Power Inductors
Description ・10.5mm Max. φ, 10.5mm Max. Height. ・Inductance range: 10μH~1.0mH ・Rated current range: 0.53~5.3A ・In addition to the standard versions of inducto...
・Magnetically unshielded construction.
・Ideally Used in Printers, LCD TV, DVD, Printer, Copy Machine, Mainboard of the compounding machines, etc as Power Supplies’s Inductors or DC-DC Converter inductors.
・RoHS Compliance ◆ Dimensions (mm) 4.0±0.3 +0.1 φ0.7-0.05 10.0±0.5 ±1.0 3.5 φ10.0±0.5 ◆ S...

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