LH28F320S3TD-L10 Datasheet PDF

Part Number LH28F320S3TD-L10
Manufacturer Sharp Electrionic Components
Title 32 M-bit (2 MB x 8/1 MB x 16 x 2-Bank) Smart 3 Dual Work Flash Memory
Description The LH28F320S3TD-L10 Dual Work flash memory with Smart 3 technology is a high-density, low-cost, nonvolatile, read/write storage solution for a wi...
  – Absolute protection with VPP = GND
  – Flexible block locking
  – Erase/write lockout during power transitions
• SRAM-compatible write interface
• User-configurable x8 or x16 operation
• High-density symmetrically-blocked architecture
  – Sixty-four 64 k-byte erasable blocks
• Enhanced cycling capabilit...

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Datasheet LH28F320S3TD-L10 PDF File

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