MRF8S18120HSR3 Datasheet PDF

Freescale Semiconductor
Part Number MRF8S18120HSR3
Manufacturer Freescale Semiconductor
Title RF Power Field Effect Transistors
Description 12 pF Chip Capacitors 9.1 pF Chip Capacitors 10 nF Chip Capacitor 8.2 pF Chip Capacitor 2.2 μF, 100 V Chip Capacitors 47 μF, 16 V Tantalum Capacit...
• Characterized with Series Equivalent Large - Signal Impedance Parameters and Common Source S - Parameters
• Internally Matched for Ease of Use
• Integrated ESD Protection
• Greater Negative Gate - Source Voltage Range for Improved Class C Operation
• Optimized for Doherty Applications www.DataShee...

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Datasheet PDF File MRF8S18120HSR3 PDF File

MRF8S18120HSR3 MRF8S18120HSR3 MRF8S18120HSR3

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