Part Number MP810G
Manufacturer HY ELECTRONIC
Description MP8G SERIES GLASS PASSIVATED BRIDGE RECTIFIERS FEATURES ● Surge overload rating -175 amperes peak ● Low forward voltage drop ...
● Surge overload rating -175 amperes peak
● Low forward voltage drop
● Small size; simple installation
● Sliver plated copper leads
● Mounting position: Any REVERSE VOLTAGE FORWARD CURRENT MP8 - 50 to 1000Volts 8.0 Amperes METAL HEAT SINK .296(7.5) .255(6.5) .052(1.3) DIA. .048(1.2) .750 (19.0...

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MP810 : DC COMPONENTS CO., LTD. R MP8005 THRU MP810 RECTIFIER SPECIALISTS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF SINGLE-PHASE SILICON BRIDGE RECTIFIER VOLTAGE RANGE - 50 to 1000 Volts CURRENT - 8.0 Amperes FEATURES * Surge overload rating: 125 Amperes peak * Low forward voltage drop * Small size: simple installation MP-6 METAL HEAT SINK MECHANICAL DATA * Case: Molded plastic with heatsink * Epoxy: UL 94V-0 rate flame retardant * Lead: MIL-STD-202E, Method 208 guaranteed * Polarity: Symbols molded or marked on body * Mounting position: Any * Weight: 6.1 grams .620(15.7) .580(14.7) AC AC .270(6.8) .230(5.8) .042(1.1) .039(1.0) .750 MIN (19.1) HOLE FOR NO.6 SCREW .445(11.3) .405(10.

MP8101 : The MP8101 is a rail-to-rail output, operational O amplifier in a TSOT-23 package. This amplifier provides 400KHz bandwidth while consuming F an incredibly low 11µA of supply current. The MP8101 can operate with a single supply MMENSDIEGDNSP8104 voltage as low as 1.8V. FEATURES  Single Supply Operation: 1.8V to 5.5V  TSOT23-5 Package  400KHz Gain Bandwidth  11µA Supply Current  Rail-to-Rail Output  Unity-Gain Stable  Input Common Mode to Ground  Drives Up to 1000pF of Capacitive Loads APPLICATIONS  Portable Equipment  PDAs  Pagers  Cordless Phones  Handheld GPS  Consumer Electronics All MPS parts are lead-free, halogen free, and adhere to the RoHS directive. For MPS green stat.

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