Part Number STU40N2LH5
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Title N-channel Power MOSFET
Description This product utilizes the 5th generation of design rules of ST’s proprietary STripFET™ technology. The lowest available RDS(on)*Qg, in the standar...
Features Type STD40N2LH5 STU40N2LH5

■ VDSS 25 V 25 V RDS(on) max 0.012 Ω 0.0126 Ω ID 40 A 40 A 3 3 2 1 RDS(on) * Qg industry benchmark Extremely low on-resistance RDS(on) Very low switching gate charge High avalanche ruggedness Low gate drive power losses 1 DPAK IPAK Application
■ Switching ...

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