CY7C1413BV18 Datasheet PDF

Part Number CY7C1413BV18
Manufacturer Cypress Semiconductor
Title (CY7C14xxBV18) 36-Mbit QDR-II SRAM 4-Word Burst Architecture
Description The CY7C1411BV18, CY7C1426BV18, CY7C1413BV18, and CY7C1415BV18 are 1.8V Synchronous Pipelined SRAMs, equipped with QDR™-II architecture. QDR-II ar...
■ Configurations CY7C1411BV18
  – 4M x 8 CY7C1426BV18
  – 4M x 9 CY7C1413BV18
  – 2M x 18 CY7C1415BV18
  – 1M x 36 Separate independent read and write data ports
❐ Supports concurrent transactions 300 MHz clock for high bandwidth 4-word burst for reducing address bus frequency Double Data Rate (DDR) inter...

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Datasheet CY7C1413BV18 PDF File

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