Part Number BTC4672M3
Manufacturer Cystech Electonics Corp
Title NPN Transistor
Description CYStech Electronics Corp. Silicon NPN Epitaxial Planar Transistor BTC4672M3 Spec. No. : C819M3 Issued Date : 2005.08.16 Revised Date :2016.12.06 ...
• Low saturation voltage, typically VCE(sat)=0.1V at IC/IB=1A/50mA
• Excellent DC current gain characteristics
• Complementary to BTA1797M3
• Pb-free lead plating and halogen-free package Symbol BTC4672M3 Outline SOT-89 B:Base C:Collector E:Emitter BC E Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25°C) Param...

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Datasheet BTC4672M3 PDF File

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