Part Number APTGT50SK120TG
Manufacturer Microsemi Corporation
Title Power-Module IGBT
Description APTGT50SK120TG Buck chopper Fast Trench + Field Stop IGBT® Power Module VBUS Q1 G1 NTC2 VCES = 1200V IC = 50A @ Tc = 80°C Ap...
• Fast Trench + Field Stop IGBT® Technology - Low voltage drop - Low tail current - Switching frequency up to 20 kHz - Soft recovery parallel diodes - Low diode VF - Low leakage current - Avalanche energy rated - RBSOA and SCSOA rated
• Kelvin emitter for easy drive
• Very low stray inductance - Sym...

File Size 280.56KB
Datasheet APTGT50SK120TG PDF File

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