Part Number HMD1M32M2EG
Manufacturer Hanbit Electronics
Title 4Mbyte(1Mx32) EDO Mode
Description The HMD1M32M2EG is an 1M x 32 bits Dynamic RAM MODULE which is assembled 2 pieces of 1M x 16bit DRAMs in 42 pin SOJ package on single sides the pr...
Features PIN 1 2 3 4 5 6 TRAC HMD1M32M2EG-45 HMD1M32M2EG-50 HMD1M32M2EG-60 w Low Power Active: 1,870/1,650/1,430 mW(MAX) Standby: 11mW(CMOS level : MAX) w /RAS Only Refresh, /CAS before /RAS Refresh, Hidden Refresh Capability w All inputs and outputs TTL Compatible w 1,024 Refresh Cycles/16ms 45 50 60 tCAC 1...

File Size 90.43KB
Datasheet HMD1M32M2EG PDF File

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