NCP15XC470x03RC Datasheet PDF

Part Number NCP15XC470x03RC
Manufacturer Murata
Title Thermistors
Description !Note • Please read rating and !CAUTION (for storage, operating, rating, soldering, mounting and handling) in this catalog to prevent smoking and/...
Features opean Directive 2011/65/EU on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment." For more details, please refer to our website 'Murata's Approach for EU RoHS' ( Free Datasheet !Note...

File Size 928.25KB
Datasheet NCP15XC470x03RC PDF File

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NCP15XC470x03RC : CAUTION catalog to prevent smoking and/or burning, Pleaseread readrating ratingand and! ! CAUTION(for (forstorage, storage,operating, operating,rating, rating,soldering, soldering,mounting mountingand andhandling) handling)in inthis thisPDF catalog to prevent smoking and/or burning, etc. etc. !Note •Please specifications. you are requested todetailed approvespecifications. our product specifications or to transact the approval for product before ordering. •This Thiscatalog cataloghas hasonly onlytypical typical specificationsTherefore, because there is no space for Therefore, please approve our productsheet specifications or specifications transact the approval sheet for product specificati.

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