HT10X21-100 Datasheet PDF

Part Number HT10X21-100
Manufacturer BOE-HYDIS
Description OF CHANGES Initial Release DATE PREPARED 03.01.30. S. Y. Kim SPEC. NUMBER S864-1132 B3-002-O (2/3) SPEC. TITLE HT10X21-100 Product Specificat...
Features LVDS Interface with 1pixel / clock High-speed response 6-bit color depth, Display 262,144 colors Incorporated edge type back-light (1 lamp) High luminance and contrast ratio, low reflection and wide viewing angle DE (Data Enable) mode only 1.3 Applications Pentype & Tablet PC SPEC. NUMBER S864-1132...

File Size 570.64KB
Datasheet HT10X21-100 PDF File

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