Part Number LC1463
Manufacturer Cnzls
Title Fast Response Linear Regulator
Description LC1463 series is a group of positive voltage output, low power consumption, low dropout voltage regulator. LC1463 can provide output value in the ...

• Low Power Consumption: 25uA(Typ.) Low output noise (47uVRMS) Standby Mode: 0.1uA Low dropout Voltage: 0.16V@300mA (Typ.) High Ripple Rejection: 73dB@100Hz (Typ.) Low Temperature Coefficient: ± 100ppm/°C Excellent Line regulation: 0.05%/V Build-in chip enable and discharge circu...

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LC1466 : LC1466 series are a group of positive voltage output, high precise, and low power consumption voltage regulator. Voltages are selectable in 100mV steps within a range of 1.2V to 3.6V. It also can be customized on command. LC1466 series have excellent load and line transient response and good temperature characteristics, which can assure the stability of chip and power system. And it uses trimming technique to guarantee output voltage accuracy within ±2%. LC1466 series are available in SOT-223 package, which is lead (Pb)- free. FEATURES • • • • • • • Low Quiescent Current: 26uA at 5V High PSRR: 60dB range to 1KHz Low Output Noise: 44uVRMS Low Dropout: 430mV at 1.5A load Maximum output curren.

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