T-51382D064J-FW-P-AA Datasheet PDF

Part Number T-51382D064J-FW-P-AA
Manufacturer OPTREX
Title LCD Module
Description Input terminal (Hi voltage side) No Connection Input terminal (Low voltage side) Remark Note 5-4 Note 5-4: Low voltage side of backlight inverte...
Features Mechanical Specifications Mechanical Drawing of TFT-LCD module Input / Output Terminals Absolute Maximum Ratings Electrical Characteristics Optical Characteristics Handling Cautions Reliability Test Indication of Label Block Diagram Standard Packing Revision History PAGE 1 2 2 2 3 4 6 6 15 17 18 18...

File Size 144.97KB
Datasheet T-51382D064J-FW-P-AA PDF File

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