Part Number IM43GR
Manufacturer Tyco
Title IM Relay
Description IM Relay AXICOM Telecom-, Signal and RF Relays 108-98001 • Sep. 07 Rev. G • ECOC: JM10 AXICOM Telecom-, Signal and RF Relays IM Relay 108-9800...
• Telecom/signal relay (dry circuit, test access, ringing)
• Slim line 10 x 6 mm, 0.39 x 0.24 inch
• Low profile 5.65 mm, 0.222 inch
• Minimum board-space 60 mm2
• Switching current 2 A / 5 A
• 2 changeover contacts (2 form C / DPDT)
• Bifurcated contacts, gold plated
• High sensitivity resu...

File Size 1.03MB
Datasheet IM43GR PDF File

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IM43GR : Signal Relays IM Relay AXICOM n Slim line 10x6mm, low profile 5.65mm and min. board-space 60mm2 n Switching current 2/5A, switching power 60W/62.5VA and switching voltage 220VDC/250VAC n Low coil power consumption, 140mW standard, 100mW for high sensitive version, 50mW for ultra high sensitive version and 100mW for bistable version n High dielectric and surge capability up to 2500Vrms between open contacts and 2500Vrms between coil and contacts n High mechanical shock resistance up to 50g functional Typical applications Telecommunication, access and transmission equipment, optical network terminals, modems, office and business equipment, consumer electronics, measurement and test equip.

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