Part Number MDSM-15SC-Z24-VS1
Manufacturer ITT
Description MDSM/RTG88 M I C RO M I N I AT U R E CONNECTORS MY-13/699 Contents MICRO MDSM Shielded connectors .......
Features .... Tools ....

File Size 933.87KB
Datasheet MDSM-15SC-Z24-VS1 PDF File

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MDSM-15SC-Z24-VS1 : Shell Shield Can Cover Insulator Contacts Material Steel Steel Steel Thermoplastic, UL94 V-O Copper Alloy Contact Arrangements (Face View of Pin Insert — Use Mirror Image for Socket Side) Finish Nickel Tin Tin None Gold flash over 30 microinches PdNi in mating area, Tin on balance 9 Contacts 15 Contacts 25 Contacts Dimensions are shown in mm (inch) Dimensions subject to change 97 D Subminiature Locking/Latching Options J acks crew C ommercial M icro D — M DSM Push/Pull The jackscrew locking system is designed for applications which require a The push/pull latching system is designed for applications which require a secureconnection. Utilizethumbscrews whentheconnectors areinfrequ.

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