LT8494 Datasheet PDF

Part Number LT8494
Manufacturer Linear Technology Corporation
Title SEPIC/Boost DC/DC Converter
Description TheLT®8494isanadjustablefrequency (250kHzto 1.5MHz) monolithic switching regulator. Quiescent current can be less than 7µA when operating and is ~...
Features nn Low Ripple Burst Mode® Operation: 7µA IQ at 12VIN to 5VOUT Output Ripple (10mV Typ.) nn Dual Supply Pins: Improves Efficiency Reduces Minimum Supply Voltage to ~1V after Start-Up to Extend Battery Life nn Wide Input Voltage Range of ~1V to 60V (2.5V to 32V for Start-Up) nn PG Functiona...

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Datasheet LT8494 PDF File

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LT8490 : n VIN Range: 6V to 80V n VBAT Range: 1.3V to 80V n Single Inductor Allows VIN Above, Below, or Equal to VBAT n Automatic MPPT for Solar Powered Charging n Automatic Temperature Compensation n No Software or Firmware Development Required n Operation from Solar Panel or DC Supply n Input and Output Current Monitor Pins n Four Integrated Feedback Loops n Synchronizable Fixed Frequency: 100kHz to 400kHz n 64-Lead (7mm × 11mm × 0.75mm) QFN Package Applications n Solar Powered Battery Chargers n Multiple Types of Lead-Acid Battery Charging n Li-Ion Battery Charger n Battery Equipped Industrial or Portable Military Equipment The LT®8490 is a buck-boost switching regulator battery c.

LT8491 : The LT®8491 is a buck-boost switching regulator battery charger that implements a constant-current constantvoltage (CCCV) charging profile used for most battery types, including sealed lead-acid (SLA), flooded, gel and lithium-ion. The device operates from input voltages above, below or equal to the output voltage and can be powered by a solar panel or a DC power supply. On-chip logic provides automatic maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for solar powered applications. The LT8491 can perform automatic temperature compensation by sensing an external thermistor thermally coupled to the battery. The STATUS pin can be used to drive an LED indicator lamp. The device is available in a low profile.

LT8495 : n Wide Input Voltage Range of ~1V to 60V (2.5V to 32V for Start-Up) n Low Ripple Burst Mode® Operation n 9µA IQ at 12VIN to 5.0VOUT n Output Ripple (10mV Typ.) n Dual Supply Pins: n Improves Efficiency n Reduces Minimum Supply Voltage to ~1V after Start-Up to Extend Battery Life n Integrated 2A/70V Power Switch n Programmable Watchdog Timer Can Operate When VIN Supply Is Removed n Programmable Power-On Reset Timer (POR) with RST Functional for Input Supply Down to 1.3V n FMEA Fault Tolerant in TSSOP Package n Fixed Frequency PWM, SEPIC/BOOST/FLYBACK Topologies n Programmable Switching Frequency: 250kHz to 1.5MHz n UVLO Programmable on SWEN and RSTIN Pins n Soft-Sta.

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