SMUN5316DW Datasheet PDF

Part Number SMUN5316DW
Manufacturer SeCoS
Title NPN / PNP Digital Small Signal Transistors
Description The Bias Resistor Transistor (BRT) contains a single transistor with a monolithic bias network consisting of two resistors; a series base resistor...
Features Simplifies circuit design Reduces board space Reduces component count Available in 8 mm, 7 inch/3000 unit tape and reel F CH DG K J REF. A B C D E F Millimeter Min. Max. 2.00 2.15 2.20 2.45 1.15 1.35 0.90 1.10 1.20 1.40 0.15 0.35 REF. G H J K L Millimeter Min. Max. 0.100 REF. 0.525 REF. 0...

File Size 2.69MB
Datasheet SMUN5316DW PDF File

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