Part Number DFM1200FXS12-A000
Manufacturer Dynex
Title Fast Recovery Diode Module
Description Replaces DS5645-1.1 DFM1200FXS12-A000 Fast Recovery Diode Module DS5845-2 April 2010 (LN26743) FEATURES Low Reverse Recovery Charge High Switchi...
Features Low Reverse Recovery Charge High Switching Speed Low Forward Volt Drop Isolated Cu Base with Al2O3 Substrates Dual Diodes can be paralleled for 2400A Rating Lead Free Construction KEY PARAMETERS VRRM VF IF IFM (typ) (max) (max) 1200V 1.9V 1200A 2400A 1(K) 2(K) APPLICATIONS Chopper Diodes Boost...

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