RT5N136C Datasheet PDF

Part Number RT5N136C
Manufacturer Isahaya Electronics
Description RT5N136C is a one chip transistor with built-in bias resistor, PNP type is RT5P136C. FEATURE Built-in bias resistor (R1=1kΩ, R2=10kΩ) High collect...
Features Built-in bias resistor (R1=1kΩ, R2=10kΩ) High collector current (Ic=0.5A) Mini package for easy mounting APPLICATION Inverted circuit, Switching circuit, Interface circuit, Driver circuit 2.8 1.90 0.95 0.95 0.4 RT5N136C Transistor With Resistor For Switching Application Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type ...

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Datasheet RT5N136C PDF File

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