Part Number LTC6269-10
Manufacturer Linear
Title 4GHz Ultra-Low Bias Current FET Input Op Amp
Description The LTC®6268-10/LTC6269-10 is a single/dual 4GHz FETinput operational amplifier with extremely low input bias current and low input capacitance. I...
Features nn Gain Bandwidth Product: 4GHz nn Low Input Bias Current: nn ±3fA Typ. Room Temperature nn 4pA Max at 125°C nn Current Noise (100kHz): 7fA/√Hz nn Voltage Noise (1MHz): 4.0nV/√Hz nn Extremely Low CIN 0.45pF nn Rail-to-Rail Output nn AV ≥10 nn Slew Rate: +1500V/µs,
  –1000V/µs nn Supply Range: 3.1V to ...

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