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Fairchild Semiconductor
Part Number FDR858P
Manufacturer Fairchild Semiconductor
Title P-Channel MOSFET
Description The SuperSOT-8 family of P-Channel Logic Level MOSFETs have been designed to provide a low profile, small footprint alternative to industry standa...
Features -8 A, -30 V. RDS(ON) = 0.019 Ω @ VGS = -10 V, RDS(ON) = 0.028 Ω @ VGS = -4.5 V. Low gate charge (21nC typical). High performance trench technology for extremely low RDS(ON). SuperSOTTM-8 package: small footprint (40%) less than SO-8); low profile (1mm thick); maximum power comperable to SO-8. SOT-2...

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FDR8508P : These P-Channel 2.5V specified MOSFETs are produced using Fairchild Semiconductor's advanced PowerTrench process that has been especially tailored to minimize the on state resistance and yet maintain low gate charge for superior switching performance. Features • -3.0 A, -30 V. • • • • RDS(ON) = 0.052Ω @ VGS = -10V RDS(ON) = 0.086Ω @ VGS = -4.5V. Low gate charge. (8nC typical). High performance trench technology for extremely low RDS(ON) High power and current handling capability. Applications • Load switch • DC/DC converter • Motor driving D2 Small footprint (38% smaller than a standard SO-8);     low profile package (1 mm thick); power handling     capability similar to SO-8. D1 D1 .

FDR8521L : This device is designed for configuration as a load switch and is particularly suited for power management in portable battery powered electronic equipment. Designed to operate from 3V to 20V input and supply up to 2.9A, the device features a small N-Channel MOSFET (Q1) together with a large P-Channel Power MOSFET (Q2) in a single SO-8 package. Features •V V DROP DROP = 0.07 V @ V = 12 V, I = 1 A.R(ON) = 0.07 Ω IN L = 0.115 V @ V = 5 V, I = 1 A.R(ON) = 0.115 Ω. IN L •V V DROP DROP = 0.2 V @ V = 12 V, I =2.9 A.R(ON) = 0.07 Ω IN L = 0.2 V @ V = 5 V,I = 1.8 A.R(ON) = 0.115 Ω. IN L • Control MOSFET (Q1) includes Zener protection for • ESD ruggedness (6kV Human Body Model). High density c.

FDR856P : SuperSOTTM-8 P-Channel enhancement mode power field effect transistors are produced using Fairchild's proprietary, high cell density, DMOS technology. This very high density process is especially tailored to minimize on-state resistance and provide superior switching performance. These devices are particularly suited for low voltage applications such as battery powered circuits or portable electronics where low in-line power loss, fast switching and resistance to transients are needed. Features - 6.3 A, -30 V, RDS(ON) =0.025 Ω @ VGS = -10 V RDS(ON) =0.040 Ω @ VGS = -4.5 V. SuperSOTTM-8 package: small footprint (40% less than SO-8);low profile (1mm thick);maximum power comperable to SO-8. Hi.

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