S20420 Datasheet PDF

Part Number S20420
Manufacturer Microsemi Corporation
Title Silicon Power Rectifier
Description ...
Features ...

File Size 131.78KB
Datasheet S20420 PDF File

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S2042 : S2042/S2043 S2042/S2043 FEATURES • Functionally compliant with ANSI X3T11 Fibre Channel physical and transmission protocol standards • S2042 transmitter incorporates phase-locked loop (PLL) providing clock synthesis from low-speed reference • S2043 receiver PLL configured for clock and data recovery • 1062, 531 and 266 Mb/s operation • 10- or 20-bit parallel TTL compatible interface • 1 watt typical power dissipation for chipset • +3.3/+5V power supply • Low-jitter serial PECL compatible interface • Lock detect • Local loopback • 10mm x 10mm 52 PQFP package • Fibre Channel framing performed by receiver • Continuous downstream clocking from receiver • TTL compatible outputs possible with +5.

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