ATR0600 Datasheet PDF

Part Number ATR0600
Manufacturer ATMEL Corporation
Title GPS Front-End
Description With the growing importance of mobile communication, location awareness is a key feature for more and more products and services. Due to its small...

• Very Low Power Design (≈ 50 mW) Single IF Concept 2-bit ADC on Chip Small QFN Package (28 Pins) Highly Integrated, Few External Components UHF6 Technology Electrostatic sensitive device. Observe precautions for handling. GPS Front-end IC ATR0600 Description With the growing importance...

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Datasheet ATR0600 PDF File

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ATR0601 : The ATR0601 is a single IF GPS front-end IC, designed to meet the requirements of mobile and automotive applications. Excellent RF performance combined with low noise figure enables high quality GPS solutions and it's very low power consumption fits perfectly to portable devices. Featuring a balanced XTO and a fully integrated balanced frequency synthesizer, only few external components are required. The ATR0601 offers a complete autonomous mode, utilizing the on chip AGC in closed loop operation, to set the gain of the IF VGA. Alternatively, in combination with the baseband processor ATR0621 the optimum gain of the IF VGA can be computed and set by software, using the digital SDI interface..

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