Part Number MT47H1G4
Manufacturer Micron Technology
Title TwinDie DDR2 SDRAM
Description package dimensions, and the ballout only. Refer to Micron's 2Gb DDR2 data sheet for complete information or for specifications not included in th...
Features TwinDie™ DDR2 SDRAM MT47H1G4
  – 64 Meg x 4 x 8 Banks x 2 Ranks MT47H512M8
  – 32 Meg x 8 x 8 Banks x 2 Ranks Features
• Uses 2Gb Micron die
• Two ranks (includes dual CS#, ODT, and CKE balls)
• Each rank has 8 internal banks for concurrent operation
• VDD = V DDQ = +1.8V ±0.1V
• JEDEC-standard 63-ball...

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